Guest Accomodation Contract

Terms and Conditions for the Accommodation of Guests and for the Provision of Accommodation Services by Ilmenau-Information

Dear Visitor,

The information contained in this directory is based on the documents supplied by the accommodation establishments and private landlords, for whose completeness and correctness no guarantee can be given, even with the most careful processing. (Subject to changes)

Bringing pets should be agreed with the landlord, unless explicitly stated. An enquiry is worth making in any case.

The prices listed in the directory refer to the room/night including breakfast. As far as holiday apartments/houses are concerned, it is the object price/night.

  1. Position of Ilmenau-Information, the tourist information office of the town of Ilmenau

1.1 The Ilmenau-Information (TI, in future referred to in the text) has the exclusive status of an agent.

1.2 The TI is not liable for the information provided by the accommodation provider (BHB, referred to in future in the text) or for services and service deficiencies with regard to the services to be provided by the BHB.

2 Conclusion of the accommodation contract

2.1 The guest accommodation contract is bindingly concluded when the accommodation is ordered and confirmed or made available at short notice.

2.2 The booking can be made verbally, in writing, by telephone, fax or e-mail.

2.3 The booking is made by the booking guest also for all people listed in the booking, for whose contractual obligations the booking guest is liable as for his own obligations, provided that he has assumed a corresponding separate obligation by explicit and separate declaration.

3 Services, prices and payment

3.1 The services owed by the BHB result exclusively from the booking offer in connection with the information in the guest catalogue.

3.2 The prices stated in the guest catalogue are final prices and include all ancillary costs, unless otherwise agreed.

3.3 Payment of the agreed price shall be made directly to the BHB, taking into account the payment modalities agreed in advance between the guest and the BHB.

4 Withdrawal

4.1 The guest accommodation contract obliges both contracting parties to fulfil the contract, regardless of the duration for which the contract has been concluded. A unilateral, cost-free withdrawal on the part of the guest from the binding booking is fundamentally excluded.

4.2 If the guest nevertheless withdraws from the contract, he/she is generally obliged, irrespective of the time and reason for the withdrawal, to pay the agreed or customary price, less the saved expenses.

The following is recognised by the jurisdiction: - Holiday apartments/holiday homes without catering 90%. - Rooms with board 80% - Accommodation with half board 70% - Accommodation with full board 60%

4.3 The BHB shall, in good faith, let an unused accommodation to another party and must allow the resulting savings to be credited against the cancellation fee asserted by it.

4.4 The guest shall have the right to prove that the BHB has not incurred any damage or that the damage is significantly less.

4.5 The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is strongly recommended!

5 Deficiencies of the BHB service

5.1 The BHB shall be liable for the proper provision of the contractually agreed service. If the rented accommodation has a defect which goes beyond a mere inconvenience, the guest shall enable the BHB owner or his representative to remedy the defect. If the guest fails to give this notification, he/she shall not be entitled to any claims due to non-fulfilment of the contractual services

6 Liability

6.1 The contractual liability of the BHB for damages that are not bodily injuries is generally limited to three times the price of the agreed service, insofar as the damage is not based on a grossly negligent or intentional breach of duty or the BHB is responsible for a damage incurred by the guest solely due to the fault of a vicarious agent.

6.2 The BHB is not liable for service deficiencies in connection with services which are merely arranged as external services and which are explicitly marked as external services.

7 Limitation

7.1 Contractual claims as well as claims for damages arising from the accommodation contract and claims in tort shall become time-barred after three years.

8 Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

8.1 German law shall apply.

8.2 The place of jurisdiction for legal actions of the guest against the BHB shall be exclusively the registered office of the BHB.

8.3 For actions of the BHB against people who do not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or have moved abroad or whose place of residence is not known at the time the action is brought, the registered office of the BHB shall be agreed as the exclusive place of jurisdiction.