Ilmenau mit Blick nach Norden zum Industriepark Vogelherd, zu den Gewerbegebieten Auf dem Steine, Am Eichicht und Werner-von-Siemens-Straße sowie zur TU Ilmenau
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TU Ilmenau: Scientific Year 2024 „Environment and Health"

Clean air, clean drinking water and an intact natural environment form the basis for a healthy life. However, these very foundations of life are increasingly under threat, and new effects of climate change are becoming visible and tangible every day.

In order to investigate and understand the complex relationships between the environment and health, scientists at TU Ilmenau bring together the expertise of various research areas. Together with colleagues worldwide, they are driving forward research into new technologies and solutions for limiting the consequences of environmental and climate change on our society and protecting our health.

In the 2024 Scientific Year "Environment and Health", we invite you to take a closer look at some of these highly exciting and innovative research projects: new approaches in biodiversity research, technologies to reduce emissions in traffic and minimize the population's exposure to radiation, but also innovative possibilities for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare or ideas for effective crisis communication by healthcare facilities.

Through interdisciplinary research, scientists at TU Ilmenau are developing new approaches to enable people to live healthy, self-determined and long lives. Whether it's sensor technology for powerful and energy-saving hearing aids of tomorrow, machine learning (ML) strategies for safer and more accurate medical technology or intelligent surgical robotics: we look forward to giving you an insight into our international research activities and cordially invite you to come and talk to us!