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Thuringian entrepreneurs found association for developers, manufacturers and users of sensors and microelectronics

The association SensorikNet e.V., founded on 19. October 2021, sets itself the task of founding and operating a cooperation network that bundles the competences from industry and science for sensor technology in connection with microelectronics.

SensorikNet e.V. drives technological developments of relevant actors with the entirety of its activities - which are certainly also internationally oriented. New sensor developments can then be transferred into marketable applications at a competitive speed. As a communication platform, cooperation exchange and interest group, SensorikNet e.V. networks developers and end users in the field of sensor technology and electronics. It is also intended to serve as a central interface for specialist bodies and committees.

Lars Dittrich (5microns GmbH) was elected chairman, Prof. Thomas Ortlepp (CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH) vice chairman, Hans-Christian Fritsch (Ilmsens GmbH) and Dr. Knuth Baumgärtel (Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH) to the board.

The founding members agree: sensors play a key role not only in monitoring physical, biological and chemical variables, but also in revolutionary changes to manufacturing processes, automation technology and our everyday world. Sensors are central components for digitization. In Thuringia, sensors, sensor components and sensor systems are developed and produced by numerous suppliers. With their versatile technology, product and service suppliers, these players make Thuringia a sensor state.

Founding members of SensorikNet e.V.:

Contact person: Lars Dittrich | +49 3677 799639-0 |