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Friends‘ Association "GoetheStadtMuseum Ilmenau"

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The "Friends´ Association of the GoetheStadtMuseum Ilmenau e.V." is a registered society of people who are interested in the history of Ilmenau, the acquisition and the preservation of historical artefacts and who therefore campaign on behalf of the museum.

The primary purpose of this association is the ideological and financial support of the GSM Ilmenau.

The association supports:

• The exhibitions in all buildings
• The purchase of exhibits for all collections
• The restoration of collection items
• The expansion of the museum's scientific inventory
• The planning of museum events

The association also helps to prepare the International Museum Day and the Open Day of Monuments.

Annual Membership Fee

Member: €20,00
Retirees and Unemployed Persons: €10,00
Students and Pupils: €5,00

This is a non-profit organisation, so donations and membership fees are tax deductible.

As a member you will regularly receive invitations to the exhibition openings. You can also take a look behind the scenes, see the artefacts not on show for the public and have close contact to the employees of the museum.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Kathrin Kunze
Telephone: 03677 - 600 211

or Mr. Stefan Bieber
Telephone: 03677 - 465 336

Contact Address:

Förderverein "GoetheStadtMuseum Ilmenau" e. V.
Am Markt 1
98693 Ilmenau