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Technology Region Ilmenau Arnstadt

In 2005, the Thuringian state government adopted strategies for the development of a technology region based on the development potential of Thuringia. The designation of the Technology Region Ilmenau Arnstadt (TRIA) as a pilot project of cooperation between various institutions and actors represents a new quality of economic location development.

The objectives are the

  • close links between science and research and industry at various levels and in various forms of organisation
  • Provision of commercial space for preferably technology-oriented companies and processing industries in the technology and research park and integrated industrial areas


The core of the TRIA is formed - in addition to the Erfurter Kreuz industrial estate at the intersection of the federal motorways 4 and 71 - by the Technische Universität Ilmenau, around whose campus a technology and research park was built and is surrounded by

  • Development measures for industrial sites
  • the construction and commissioning of business-related institutes and scientific centres
  • the settlement of technology-oriented companies

Today, more than 100 technology-oriented companies and scientific-technical transfer points are already engaged in development and innovation in and around Ilmenau.
Technologie Region Ilmenau Arnstadt
TGZ Ilmenau

Another pillar of TRIA is the Technology and Start-up Centre Ilmenau (TGZI), where young companies and start-ups can realise their ideas and innovations. Since the establishment of this institution, well over 2,000 jobs have been created in spin-off companies. At present, 22 companies with over 120 employees are active in the TGZI.

Technology and Start-up Center Ilmenau
aerial view by courtesy of A. Röhr