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Technology area Ilmenau

The government of the "Land" of Thüringen has made strategic plans for growth based on the present development potential, and the strategy is the Ilmenau Technology Development Area (ITDA), which is known in German as Technologie-Region Ilmenau, and is a model of strategic site-planning, involving close co-operation between a number of participants and investors. The aims of this strategy are

  • to maintain close links between academic reserch and industry at all levels and in various organisational forms
  • to provide locations within the Engineering and Research Park and its associated industrial estates for high-tech and engineering firms as a priority, together with industrial processing companies.

The Ilmenau Technical University is at the heart of the ITDA, and the Engineering and Research Park is being developed around its campus by means of

  • land development
  • construction and commissioning of science centres and institutes with commercia involvement
  • location of high-tech companies on the site.

Enquiries have established that there are more than 100 enterprises and centres transferring research into industry already involved in development and innovation in and around Ilmenau.
There are currently 30 companies with more than 180 employees under the aegis of the Technologie and New Enterprise Centre.

Technology and New Enterprise Centre

Aerial photo with kind permission of the LEG